At Two Village Primary School, the teaching of writing is of paramount importance within our broad and balanced curriculum. Our aim is to ensure that every child leaves our school as a competent writer, who has an understanding of the conventions of Standard English and when to use it effectively. This ability to write with confidence for a range of purposes and audiences aims to ensure that children leave us well-prepared for their secondary education, ready to achieve their aspirations and thrive in their adult life.

Our writing curriculum enables children to immerse themselves in a wide variety of genres and understand the features and impact, before going onto planning and writing their own piece.

Writing is taught explicitly in daily English lessons and skills learnt are regularly reinforced within lessons across the curriculum.

Children are assessed half-termly, against the National Curriculum expectations, by completing an independent piece of writing called a ‘special write.’ This allows teachers to carefully monitor progress and identify gaps and next steps.

Please see some documents below that you might find useful:

Excellent Examples of Writing