Skills Builder Award

Two Village have been awarded a Silver Skills Builder Award just one year after successfully applying to be part of the Skills Builder Programme.

In September 2021, the Skills Builder programme was introduced across the school to teach children essential skills that would support them in school and in later life, including the world of work. The 8 essential skills covered by the framework are speaking, listening, teamwork, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, problem solving and leadership.

Discrete Skills Builder lessons were taught regularly in all classes throughout the year and are now woven into the school’s curriculum. During the Spring Term, a Careers Week was held, during which visitors from a variety of careers presented to children in Key Stage 2 about their jobs, referring to the 8 essential skills and how they applied to their work.

The school also introduced an annual Speaking Competition so that children could practise their speaking skills and a Skills Home Challenge was introduced for all pupils to encourage parents and carers to identify how the children were demonstrating the essential skills at home.

Skills awards were also introduced across the school to reward children’s efforts in applying the essential skills in school. During the Summer Term, Year 5 took part in a Q and A employer session run by Skills Builder and the whole school took part in a Skills Builder Challenge Day, called Operation Moonbase, which enabled the children to work collaboratively to apply the skills that they had been learning about throughout the year.