Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

At Two Village, we are committed to promoting diversity, equality and inclusion and strive to do this in all that we do in school. We are able to teach this through our Christian values, during collective worship, as well as throughout our curriculum which has a focus on exploring big issues that enables our children to learn about the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion through a variety of subjects.

Through our Christian vision Sowing the Seeds for Success – With God All Things Are Possible, we teach our children that everyone, no matter who they are, can achieve their dreams and that we may all do this differently. We teach them that we are all created equal in God’s eyes and that it is important for us all to be different.

The eight schools that form the Harwich Education Partnership (Two Village, Spring Meadow, Mayflower, All Saints, St Joseph’s, Harwich Primary, Chase Lane and Harwich and Dovercourt High School) have committed to working together to promote diversity, equality and inclusion in all of our schools.

The poster above was created using the contributions of children from all of our HEP schools at our joint HEP School Council (Pupil Parliament) meetings, during which we considered what Diversity meant to our children.

We are currently working with Diversity Mark to achieve the Diversity Mark accreditation.

The Multi Schools Council

Two Village has been part of the Multi Schools Council for just over 5 years and we are proud of our involvement with this fantastic council. The Multi Schools Council enables children to meet and attend events, alongside children from other primary, secondary and special schools, where they can discuss how we can all work together to break down the negative stigma shown towards children with SEND and mental health difficulties.

This term, as a school that has shown commitment to our involvement with the Multi Schools Council, we were chosen as a ‘star school’ to receive an invitation to the annual Multi Schools Council awards event. Some of our children were nominated to receive awards at the event and we were very proud that two of our pupils won the awards for their categories (perseverance and most improved) and another was highly commended in his category (courage).