Walnut Class

Welcome to our Year 1 Class Page!

We are Walnut Class and, as a team, we are very much looking forward to a super year of learning with our little Walnuts!

The Year 1 Team:

Teacher: Mrs Styant

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Warner and Mrs Willis

Our theme for the Autumn Term is Time Traveller Child. We will be zooming back and forth, dipping into the past to compare it to the present day, to ask the question: “Is life at its best now?”

We will be looking at what life was like in the past, how children’s lives were different – can you believe that some little children were forced to clean out chimneys?! We will also learn about what toys they played with and how they travelled around without a car to jump in!

The children will help to decide where we go in the past and where we take the learning…so we are likely to be discovering facts all about the Titanic! They will also have the chance to lead their own learning and play in our Time Machine in our role play area and will then be able to write about where they went or what they saw or build an Egyptian Pyramid out of duplo! Or they may prefer to make a Roman-inspired mosaic in the self-access Art area. There is also a Magical Story-telling Garden just outside our classroom door, with fairies and toadstools…

Here is our curriculum map and some photos of our classroom, which, as you will see, has a continuous provision area (CP) and a teaching area. As we are coming up from Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), half of the children will have their English or Maths lesson at the structured/supported tables whilst the other half will choose and play and we will then swap over for the other half of the lesson.

Photos of our learning environment:

It is a busier timetable in Year 1 with daily English and Maths and still with daily Phonics (using Read Write Inc). There is also daily Class Reading and daily Handwriting (cursive writing) and a wealth of other subjects. Whilst there is a particular emphasis on blending, looking towards the Phonics screening check at the end of the year, and on writing, there is also lots of chance to play and we still use songs for much of our learning.

We will update this page with fantastic news and learning examples as the year progresses to share our passion and pride for learning.

If you are new to the area and are considering Two Village or are considering switching schools, please do contact the school office on schooloffice@twovillage.essex.sch.uk and they will be only too happy to arrange for you to come and visit us!