Our curriculum has been devised to enable us to fulfil our vision for our children;

Sowing the Seeds for Success – With God Nothing is Impossible

At Two Village, we aim to provide opportunities and experiences through our curriculum, for all of our children, which enable them to achieve their dreams and never give up on their goals.  Alongside our Christian values, our curriculum will provide our children with the essential skills that they will require to live in their future world, as well as a love of learning.

Our curriculum raises aspirations for our children through challenging questions, posed at the start of each unit of work, which are explored throughout the term. There is a focus on developing pupils’ vocabulary in each termly unit of work, particularly within the focus subject.

Our curriculum enables our children to develop essential life skills, which will enable them to succeed in all that they do, through our Edison Core Learning curriculum as well as through revisiting our Christian values throughout our units of work.

Our curriculum teaches our children to be open-minded, tolerant, fair, respectful and responsible citizens who embrace equality and are eager to contribute to local and global communities by exploring ‘big questions’ which have a global dimension.

Our curriculum provides children with experiences and opportunities which they may not have outside school through visits, visitors and a strong focus on the arts, sport and outdoor learning.

Our termly units, with a key subject focus, are taught on a two year rolling programme. This enables staff in key stage phases to work collaboratively to plan and deliver exciting, inspiring and challenging lessons and experiences for our pupils which encourage curiosity. During the Autumn Term this is history, in the Spring Term it is geography and in the Summer Term it is the arts. These subjects are also taught at other points throughout the year, along with science, PSHE, Learning to Learn and RE which are taught throughout the year. MfL is also taught throughout the year in key stage 2.

Each unit has an overall theme. Through this theme, a ‘big question’ and some key concepts are explored throughout the term, alongside the knowledge and skills identified for the unit. This is delivered in a thematic way wherever possible to enable children to make links in their learning.

All of the statutory knowledge from the National Curriculum is covered through this programme, alongside progressive skills in all foundation subjects.