Art Blog

Welcome to our new Two Village Art Blog! We are excited to share pictures, final pieces, displays, projects and subject updates.  Check out our first blog all about our up and coming Arts Room.


Hello everyone,

In March 2021, we held our first ever ‘Danceathon’ in order to raise funds for our Arts Room. We raised an incredible £2,370- thank you so much again for your support! The children and staff had the best time dancing at school and I think it will be an everlasting memory for us all. In the last few months, we have moved all of the resources down to our room and purchased new shelves to store paints. The music equipment has been organised by Mrs Bennett and is now more accessible during Rock Steady sessions. Currently, we are seeking quotes for new vinyl flooring with the goal that the children can be as creative as they like without worrying about damaging carpet or furniture. We hope to give you another update soon! We hope you enjoy watching our staff danceathon music video!

Miss Brunning


Hello everyone,

With COVID disruptions, we are conscious that you haven’t been able to see our wonderful Art displays around the school. Luckily, with the help of technology we can share pictures on our new Art blog. Our displays show how we analyse and replicate the work of known artists from around the world before we developed our skills and create our own artist inspired final piece.  The children enjoy looking at the displays whilst eating their lunch in the hall.  I have overheard the most interesting discussions between children where they are talking confidently about their artists. A big thank you to the teachers for their outstanding Art lessons!

Well done everyone, I can’t wait to see what you’re getting up to this term!


The children from Y5/6 Art Club took part in the Octopus Ahoy Project. They designed and painted our Octopus with acrylic paint, then attached coins to the base. Each coin represents the children, staff and parents within our school community. Our design impressed the judges and we were selected in the top 10 out of 60 schools in Essex. A big thank you to the children for their fantastic ideas and art work!


Hello everyone,

Art Club have been impressing me after-school on Mondays! For our first session, we developed our still life drawing. We went outside to our school field to collect colourful Autumnal leaves. We looked closely at the textures, lines, patterns, shadows and colours. The children used sketching pencils, graphite pencils and watercolour pencils for their observational studies. I think they are fantastic Art club! I look forward to our next session!